I am continually inspired by colors, textures, and artistic details!  Passionate about my work, I create beautiful decorative finishes as well as vibrant, colorful murals that compliment an individual’s space, style and architecture.  I paint and plaster on a variety of surfaces and can incorporate anyone’s personal taste into an extraordinary design.

I collaborate with several talented fellow Artisans. They are very experienced in many artistic mediums and are elemental in creating exquisite finishes.  I’m fortunate to work with Allison Macleod, Rita McCollum and Jared Ebner.  Please review their individual resume and photos in my Gallery.

Our goal is to bring beauty into your environment and enhance it with thoughtful decorative finishes.  The result is a comprehensive, individualized finish, distinctive to your space.  

Be brave and go for it, we’ll do the work!

Debra Myers

Debra Myers  Artisan

I have many years of experience in several types of decorative finishes using an abundance of mediums.  I have continued educational courses to keep current in the industry and be abreast of new products and techniques to add to my services.  I have been privileged to enhance beautiful homes and adorn many types of businesses.  I have been fortunate enough to have continued success on a basis of referrals, which is the greatest compliment I could hope to receive.

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Rita McCollum

An accomplished artist with over 25 years of experience, she has worked as an art director in advertising/ graphic design, and is experienced in multiple mediums, including oil on canvas.  She has exhibited at many shows and has worked on numerous commissioned works.  Presently, she’s working with our team of artists creating decorative finishes and murals.

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Allison Moody

A gifted artist having worked for over 13 years as a decorative painter, she has created many murals in the specialized forms of trompe l’oeil and grotesca.  Her work can be found in exclusive homes and businesses throughout the United States. Her remarkable skills as an artist have provided her with continual commissioned pieces.

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Jared Ebner

Detail-oriented with a keen eye for composition, he has been establishing his role as a mixed media artist since 2003. While knowledgeable in sculpting and woodwork, his greatest affinity is for canvas and murals. He continues to complete commissioned pieces while assisting our team.

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